Why Young Living Essential Oils

Lavender FieldsI have used essential oils for over ten years. I started, like most of us do, with what I call “the gateway oil,” lavender. I would use it with my psychotherapy clients if they were feeling anxious, or before doing a guided imagery or visualization to calm their central nervous system.

At the time, I didn’t know much about essential oils, and would simply purchase it from my local Whole Foods.

It wasn’t until I began to deepened my own personal wellness journey, that I became more educated about essential oils. And unfortunately what I found out was quite concerning. Not all essential oils are created equal. Even the brands you find in your health food store can contain additives, adulterants, and “fragrance oils” to amp up their aroma.

Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils are so pure they can be used internally. They actually have food-grade supplement labeling on them!

Something else that makes Young Living Essential Oils so unique and special is their proprietary Seed-to-Seal™ process. This video explains more: 

Here are twelve questions to ask when purchasing essential oils, so you can do your own research and due diligence. I wish I had had this information when I started incorporating essential oils into my wellness lifestyle so many years ago!

I’d love to connect with you about how the powerful benefits of these pure essential oils can enhance YOUR life on a daily basis, like they do mine. Reach out to me!